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Home Study and Distance Learning works for everyone

Our short courses qualifications are designed to fit easily around your own lifestyle. You’ll study whenever you want, at your own pace, and there are no strict deadlines!

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to get upskilled when you really need to. It may be that your employer doesn’t have a range of training opportunities, or perhaps you need (or want) to improve your CV without enrolling onto a big programme of study at a traditional college. That’s why we’ve developed these Awards as home study options – you can keep motivated, complete your work, get qualified and move on.

You don’t need to attend any tutorials as these can be kept via email and telephone with prior appointment.

Fully accredited by OCN London and OFQUAL approved

All of our home study qualifications are accredited by OCN London at Level 2 and Level 3. OCN London is an established awarding organisation which specialises in providing short course qualifications from Entry Level through to Level 5.

When you’ve completed your course, and gained accreditation, your CV will be much improved and you’ll probably find it easier to secure enhanced employment, especially if you gain an Award (like these) which is a recognised qualification.

We undertake full Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) of completed learners’ work on a regular basis. This means that enrolments can be taken all year round, not just during the traditional term times. When you have the most time to study we’ll be there to support you.

Expert Tutors

All our distance learning programmes are written and delivered by experts in their field, and are teachers across all key stages. This means that the guided learning is provided in bite-sized and easily absorbed chunks, which is contextualised and meaningful and will give you a fantastic learning opportunity from the moment you start your study programme.

Gaining new employment

Most people we meet are aiming higher in their job or setting out on a brand new career path. But whether you’re just getting started in employment or going for a change, your career prospects will be improved.

Skills for Learning Support Practitioners
Level 2 Award QCF (Accredited)

This course has rules of combination – delegates must complete the mandatory unit and then choose 2 more modules for the Award, 4 more modules for the Extended Award, and 6 more modules for the full Certificate.


Details of the whole course content can be found by clicking here ->

We can provide this training for your whole teams via live Zoom tutorials, please get in touch to find out how to work together.

A super-efficient SENDCO, LSA or TA can choose from 10 subjects, including ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, to validate and demonstrate their knowledge.  This is a fully guided series of on-demand learning modules, you are able to choose your subjects.


Meeting the Needs of Learners with ADHD in the Mainstream Classroom
Level 2 or Level 3 Award QCF (Accredited)

You can choose whether to study this subject at Level 2 or Level 3,  depending on how you’d like to achieve the qualification.  The study resources includes full tutorials over four learning objectives:

** Know what ADHD means

** Understand the impact that ADHD has on a person

** Know how to modify the impact that ADHD has on learning

** Understand the key principles of positive behaviour management

We can provide this training for your whole teams via live Zoom tutorials, please get in touch to find out how to work together.

Click for further information, and how to enrol:

Meeting the Needs of Autistic Learners in the Classroom
Level 2 Award QCF (Accredited)

This Level 2 accredited evening class ‘Meeting the Needs of Learners with Autistic Spectrum Conditions in the classroom’ has four learning objectives
  1. Understand what autistic spectrum conditions are and how they impact on individuals and their behaviour.
  2. Know how autism affects individuals.
  3. Know how to identify and remove the barriers to learning that autism can cause.
  4. Know how to support an autistic learner’s behaviour in a supportive way when it challenges.

Awareness of Mental Health & Wellbeing
Level 2 Award QCF (Accredited)

Our Level 2 Award Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing addresses many issues including low self esteem and anxiety, and it includes 5 main important points. By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand what is meant by the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘wellbeing’
  • Understand how mental health is perceived in the UK
  • Understand mental health issues in relation to diverse groups
  • Know how to access support for mental health issues
  • Know how to foster good mental health and wellbeing in self


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