**Accredited** Meeting The Needs Of Learners With ADHD Level 2




This fantastic Level 2 short course ADHD qualification is Ofqual approved and accredited by OCN London (also available at Level 3, you can choose which level you’d like to study towards – Level 3 is £125).

With a Home Study Course you can choose the speed at which you learn and at a time that suits you best. It means that you can upgrade your knowledge in a step by step process with some support from a tutor and with a recognised qualification at the end.

Your CV can reflect this additional qualification and your personal satisfaction will come from knowing that you’ve worked at your own pace and gained a lot of insight into ADHD in the meantime.

Expert Writers and Tutors

This course has been compiled by experts in the field of ADHD (particularly how it relates in education), and they are eager to share the knowledge and experience which they have accumulated. The materials includes resources which can be used in a variety of settings and which can be adapted to suit the subjects you teach or the environment in which you work.

Learning Outcomes – four modules

**Know what ADHD means

**Understand the impact that ADHD has on a person

**Know how to modify the impact that ADHD has on learning

**Understand the key principles of positive behaviour management

What’s included?

A full study pack of resources

Webinars giving all guided learning

Tutor feedback time (by email and telephone)

OCN London Accreditation and Certification

During the study period you will be directed to particular websites and/or online links which will contain additional resources and assist with completion of your assessments.

It is anticipated that there will be not more than 14 hours’ of study required in order to complete the programme, plus perhaps some additional time if you are required to make amendments to your assessment documents. These timings are estimated and it might be that more or less time is needed.


You are provided with webinars for each module. This enables you to participate around your working (and other) commitments. Each webinar relates to a certain part of the course. All details are provided.

Tutor time

Sometimes it’s important to have contact time with a ‘real’ person when you’re completing a home study course. Not only will it enable you to ask questions to extend your learning, but it will give you an opportunity to check that your own progress is where you’d like it to be. You will need an appointment for Learning Outcome 3. So you can arrange for your tutor to telephone you on a day and time which is convenient.

Accreditation and Certification

The assessments are marked by a qualified tutor. If the assessments are completed satisfactorily the marked copy will be submitted for accreditation. If the tutor requires you to complete additional work to your assessment, it will be returned to you with guidance notes from the tutor as to the areas for improvement.

Period of Study

Although there is not a precise timetable to follow, the programme will dictate a recommended time limit of 6 months for completion of the course.

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