Meeting the Needs of Autistic Learners in the classroom – Level 2 Award Home Study




Our fantastic Level 2 Award Meeting the Needs of Learners with Autistic Spectrum Conditions in the classroom course is now available for you as a fully-guided home study programme.
In this Level 2 home study programme, we will help you to get to the heart of Autism, and will share with you many ways to apply successful approaches for pre-empting anxiety and behaviour outbursts, which can so often disrupt the classroom. At the same time, you’ll learn how Autism can affect learning and you’ll come away with practical and meaningful ways to have a calmer learning space.
So if you need help to support behaviours such as individuals who:
**have restricted or repetitive behaviours or Interests
**can seem enraged and upset without always knowing why
**display indifference when mixing with peers and appear to be insensitive
**needing extra time to process information …..  this training is FOR YOU!

This Level 2 accredited evening class ‘Meeting the Needs of Learners with Autistic Spectrum Conditions in the classroom’ has four learning objectives
  1. Understand what autistic spectrum conditions are and how they impact on individuals and their behaviour.
  2. Know how autism affects individuals.
  3. Know how to identify and remove the barriers to learning that autism can cause.
  4. Know how to support an autistic learner’s behaviour in a supportive way when it challenges.

How does it work?

We’re running this Level 2 Award through self-directed guided learning, and will include a combination of directed learning, reading, and writing up. You’ll need to complete a workbook for marking, to achieve your Level 2 accreditation.
When you enrol, you will be given all the resources you need to complete the course.  Your guided learning is provided via recorded webinars by Hilary Nunns, who for many years has worked as a teacher in mainstream classrooms, going on to manage a team including Additional Learning Support (ALS) and a small supported learning team. Hilary has a multitude of scenarios and strategies to share with you, and which will help you to learn more to complete your accreditation.
We’ll provide you with lots of resources to guide you through the assessments, and you can use them as a reference point in your future work.

Who is this for – who should attend?

This fully accredited training course is suitable for all teaching staff, classroom assistants, LSAs, TAs and adults within other settings.

How do I enrol?

It’s easy to enrol, simply ‘Add to Cart’ then ‘View Cart’ and use the check out. We’ll send you all the details and enrolment forms, with all links to sign in for the training.
Enrolment is only £150 – and you will be working towards a Level 2 accreditation at the same time as learning a heck of a lot about Autism.   It will make such a difference.

Any questions? Just get in touch: 07763942771

Our courses are accredited with OCN London

NB if you’d like us to run this session for your teams, just get in touch
While you’re here, why not check out our free resources – look through the downloads on our ABOUT page.


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