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Can Do Courses was established in 2010 to provide relevant and meaningful behaviour management and SEN courses to education professionals

Whether you’re looking to improve your classroom management, you want to find out more about supporting learners of all ages with learning and behavioural difficulties, or you just need some motivation in your job in teaching, participating in our training programmes will help you get there quicker.

We’d love to show you how to improve your effectiveness – you can choose a number of ways to learn new strategies without spending endless hours in the training room.

All in our training team have been teaching and training, both within the corporate classroom and in the education system, for many years.   We work all across the UK (and internationally) with schools and colleges, helping them to improve the outcomes for their pupils and students, whether it’s through behaviour management or SEN (ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Mental Ill Health).

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Can Do trainers:

Laura Kerbey
(BA Psychology, PGCE Special Education and Life Long Learning, NPQH)

Laura provides training

  • OCN London accredited Autism Level 2 and 3
  • OCN London Skills for Learning Support Practitioners Level 2
  • Meeting the Needs of learners with High Functioning Autism
  • OCN London Pathological Demand Avoidance Level 2
  • OCN London Meeting the Needs of Learners with ADHD in the Classroom Level 3
  • Behaviour Management

Laura has been working with children and young people with autism and other special needs for more than 19 years. She started her teaching career in Further Education, and has worked in the Supported Learning Department of 2 large Mainstream Colleges teaching Numeracy, Literacy, Life Skills and Childcare. Laura also worked as the Life Skills Co-ordinator at a residential college for young people with severe physical disabilities. She then was the Assistant Head Teacher, then Head Teacher at an independent special school for children with Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. Laura is also an ABA tutor.

Laura’s passion has always been working with young people with autism – she believe that they have so much to offer, and yet the education system often fails them because staff do not have the right skills and experience. This is something she is passionate about changing!

Laura’s unique course Supporting Children, Teenagers and Young Adults with Pathological Demand Avoidance is accredited and at Level 2 it can be offered to you in-house or on fixed dates.

Laura has a degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Special Education (Autism) a PCGE in Life Long Learning and holds NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship). She is also a Surrey Autism Champion and has a NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Working with Students with ADHD.

Sarah Townsend

Sarah presents training

  • OCN London accredited PMLD Level 2 and 3
  • OCN London accredited ADHD Level 2 and Level 3
  • OCN London Skills for Learning Support Practitioners Level 2
  • Mental Ill-Health
  • Learning Disabilities (LDD, MLD)

Sarah has dedicated her whole career to working with people with disabilities and has worked in a range of settings including, Social Services, Health, the Voluntary Sector and Education. She has predominately worked in Post 16 Education which includes a Specialist College, Adult Learning and Further Education. She has qualified as a teacher in Further Education and for the last 20 years Sarah has successfully managed several Learner Support departments within the Post 16 sector covering a wide curriculum and catering for a diverse group of learners including those with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. Throughout this time she has continued to teach as she feels it is important to understand both learners’ and tutors’ needs, and feels this can only be done with hands on experience.

Sarah has been involved in many developmental projects during her career including making material accessible for people with learning disabilities, creating tutorial systems, and hearing the learner’s voice. She has also provided training on many aspects of disability to other providers. Sarah has also supported, trained and mentored many tutors working with adults with learning disabilities and is passionate about sharing her experiences to enable others to provide good quality education that meets individual learners’ needs.

Karen Ferguson
(BSc (Hons), PGCE, MEd)

Karen provides training:

  • Understanding Autism
  • Understanding ADHD
  • OCN London Pathological Demand Avoidance Level 2
  • OCN London accredited ADHD Level 2 and Level 3
  • Behaviour Management
  • Safeguarding

Karen was appointed as a Specialist Leader in Education for Autism and this allowed her to disseminate good practice and deliver training in the field of SEND.  Karen offers various SEND and condition specific training, including ASC, ADHD, PDA, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

lain Smith

Iain is a former teacher and now works with senior leaders in schools and colleges, empowering them by helping them to manage their mindset, energy and time. This ensures they can have lasting, fulfilling careers and meaningful influence on their pupils/students and staff.

Iain provides whole staff training, focusing on the evergreen areas that underpin the success of great teachers; skill sets and ways of thinking that don’t change with every general election. In particular, Iain provides training sessions covering time management, plus stress and resilience.

Harriet Alexander

Harriet is a leadership coach and trainer, and works extensively with team dynamics on ways to create harmonious working practices, and provides training as follows:

Book Harriet to cover any these sessions, her experience of working with senior leaders and team members means that she can help to provide seamless progression if your establishment is undergoing restructure or under policy pressure.    When you have a happy staff team, we've noticed that outcomes for learners improve and the work environment becomes less stressful.


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