Behaviour in class – 3 Simple Steps to Bring Calm into your Classroom

Running a classroom is like baking a cake. The process of managing behaviour in class successfully has many components which require careful consideration and the correct proportions. You make a lesson plan, add all of the learning ingredients and hope the results are a success. 

But I know (only too well!) the outcome isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, the ability to strive and constantly stay on top doesn’t always prevail, leaving you hungry for the calm which you deserve.

So let’s break this down and provide you with 3 simple steps to get the behaviour of your students on track again!

1.   Source the problem – Whether you’re teaching maths or business, every student needs to be involved. If you’ve never received any feedback from your learners, go out and get some! Put together a simple questionnaire highlighting some key questions that establish the classroom issues. Try to include an incentive to entice them into taking the time to give you valuable honesty in their responses. Collect the results and make positive steps in the right direction for change.

2.   Get motivated and energised! – Your students are at the heart of your career, so keeping them (and you) motivated will really help get your lessons heading in the right direction. The togetherness of a group is highly important in creating a fun and successful learning environment. If your class is an exciting group to be a part of, students will strive for big results.  It’s infectious!

3.   Get back to behaviour basics– Start simple and finish big! That means giving positive praise and feedback when things are going well – don’t wait for the big challenges to occur before you talk about behaviour.  Say when it’s good, and when it’s not so good!  Get the balance right, and end the lesson by focusing on what went well.

So there you have it! Three very easy ways to get your mojo for teaching back on track. If you would like professional advice or further support with your classroom management, give us a call 07763942771.

We hold all the right ingredients to make your classroom management a success.


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