Putting the ‘FUN’ back into your ‘Fun’ctional Skills Class

Does your Functional Skills class lack that ooomph that you’d so like to see? It’s not all bad news, but low level disruption can drain the energy and brings about some really negative behaviour. We need to put the FUN back into the ‘Fun’ctional Skills.

Traditionally these lessons are seen as unimportant, but really the difficulties lie in the fact that some learners find it hard to succeed in these core subjects.  They’re seen as boring and it’s hard to be imaginative when time is short.

So, in this training we’ll do so much to help with bringing the rainbow back into your lessons and give all attendees so many resources to take away and use immediately.

Outline:  Putting the FUN back into the Functional Skills Class.

Maximum 25 attendees

2½ or 3 hours