Day 3 – The Six Pack!

Behaviour Expert Academy Six Pack Digital Access

Discounted extensively! Usually £55, now £20

Only available at this price for one day 20 March 2018 – until 11pm – use the discount code in the Day 3 email.

Here’s the blurb:

Engaging with your students can take time and energy, most of which you will ‘get back’ in their reasonable behaviour and increased respect.  

This complete set of 6 online topics have been recorded during webinar training sessions with former members of the Behaviour Expert Academy.  If you invest just a few hours online engaging with these recordings of (previously live) webinars you’ll learn tactics to run rings around the negative feelings about student behaviour. We can’t just focus on behaviour that we don’t like, it’s about behaviour that stops learning.

You’re given step-by step processes via prepared worksheets/links and the pre-recorded webinars,  you’ll learn straightforward methods to improve your classroom management. 

Learn how to focus on the barriers faced by some students.   

Your unlimited access to the Behaviour Expert Academy materials provides you with a vault of knowledge which will focus on:

  • building emotional intelligence
  • understanding anger management techniques
  • interpreting and pre-empting poor behaviour
  • Understanding ADHD
  • recognising autistic tendencies
  • modifying the impact of behaviour on learning

Included are strategies to:

  • deal with students who show little interest (common classroom complaints)
  • move from students refusing to do their work in class to gaining their attention
  • provide positive reinforcement of the behaviour you’d like to see
  • break some behaviour habits (yours and those of your students!)
  • manage ADHD and Autism in a more inclusive way

With around 4 – 5 hours of effective content, including activities and webinars, you’ll find so many valuable tips and tools to maintain the management of your classroom.

By having unlimited access to these materials, it means you will:

  • Not have to take days off for training or wait for your school or college to provide it for you
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Have limitless opportunities to revisit and revise
  • Take control of your right to use the materials – use in small groups

You can get amazing results with your behaviour management – but you do need to know how. And I think that these training materials will give you that. But there’s no magic wand, you will need to devote some of your time to work through the sections and watch the training webinars.

Use the code in the Day 3 email to access your discount.