Behaviour Management – Six Pack


Behaviour management an issue? Six seminars with associated materials all in one place!

If you are experiencing behaviour management difficulties in your class, learn how to overcome this with our informative and relevant training materials.

Learn how to strip away the causes of behaviour and remove them before they become a problem. The secret is to know what to do when you see patterns of behaviour for yourself. You’ll be able to transform your approaches which will give you a calmer classroom.

This impactful, resourceful and affordable set of training materials is easily available for YOU. We’d like to help you in your professional work, even from a distance!  You have the power to make such a difference to the success of your students, so it’s important to ensure that you have all the tools you need to go the extra mile when it’s needed.  You’ll learn new and refreshing ideas on how to confidently gain the involvement of your students instead of just dealing out sanctions and the daily crowd control.

This purchase is for six seminars and associated material.  You receive unlimited access to view the recorded training and digital copies of  all the resources are available to view and to download.

The topics covered are:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Anger Management

  • Pre-empting Behaviour

  • An introduction to ADHD

  • Success with Autism

  • Common Classroom Complaints

Each section builds on the last.   Each topic has a Circular (information booklet), a recorded webinar linked to the Circular, a copy of the powerpoint used in the webinar plus all activity sheets.

It’s a complete bundle of 6 trainings in one place!

Best of all, if you find yourself needing a refresher, you can simply go back over the sections again and use the strategies suggested when planning your lessons or support strategies.

On purchasing this training you will receive a confirmation and details of how to access all the training materials.

No binder is provided – strictly a digital online process  (the picture shows the physical copy of the Six Pack which is available to purchase if required).