Webinar – Social Skills for Young People with Autism

In this webinar, Laura Kerbey and Hilary Nunns discuss the importance of teaching social skills when working with children and young people with Autism. One of the diagnosis categories (DSMV) for Autism states that poor communication and social skills are a factor, causing high levels of anxiety.

Laura says this contributes to the statistics which show that 80% of people with autism suffer from poor mental health.

In the session Laura outlines some of the techniques you can use to help young people with autism how to improve their social skills, gives examples of ways in which to teach them these skills using a number of topics and activities.

We run in-house training in a variety of settings, where we can provide support to your staff teams to implement a social skills group with your autistic students. Get in touch info@can-do-courses.co.uk

Our powerful half day training programme “Six Simple Steps with Autism” is also available as a half day INSET.

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