Train to be a Trainer

I started Can Do Courses in 2010. Being at the sharp end of a teaching timetable PLUS managing a behavioural management team in a mainstream FE College is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted. But that’s where I was in 2009, and doing brilliantly (even if I say so myself) when the dreaded redundancy knock came around – as it does in so many colleges and so often.

Of course I had choices:  slump in the chair and weep at how hard life can be, it isn’t fair, “why me?” or get off my backside and do something!

I chose the latter.

Luckily on that occasion the knock never turned into a reality but I knew that it could at any time.

And it made me think. A lone parent on an essential salary just can’t be so vulnerable. I vowed that I would never again be in that position, that I needed to take charge of my future.

So I looked for a way out, and the solution was to train other professionals because I knew they needed it. Once I had made up my mind there was no stopping me!

And when 9 months later I finally drove away from my college on that last day, I vowed now to look back.

It didn’t all go to plan!

Starting as an independent trainer isn’t easy. I fell into all the marketing traps, spending money needlessly, getting the training programme formula wrong, lacking business skills and

feeling like I should quit.

But I didn’t.

I now have a good business and a life of choice – where I spend my time doing exactly what I love and being creative about how I do it.

If you’re up for making some serious life changes by crafting your own profitable training programmes, here’s where you can discover just how you can do it too.

Believe me, if I can, you can!

I started from scratch,  but with one small contract quickly under my belt I was determined to make a difference and support my family. And here I am 6 years later with…

  • Digital programmes produced and selling
  • Online/home study programmes produced and selling
  • Training topics created and delivered UK-wide (and international!)
  • Several accredited courses which have sold all over the UK

And I could go on and on. I’ve received £ thousands by sharing what I know. And you could do it too.  Is this for you?

If you know some awesome ‘stuff’ – ideas you’ve taken years to learn and apply – this could be your opportunity.  Especially if you’ve proved it works, not just once, but time and again?

Well now it’s YOUR time…

I’m taking applications from interested parties to participate in this training. Places will be limited, because if you read on you’ll see that we will be ‘doing’ the creating as well as talking about it!

So – it’s time to share your ‘Special Ingredient’.  This is the part that can make you a good living.   But trust me, you can’t just write a training programme and then sit back to wait for people to buy it.  There’s FAR more to it, but if you work with me you’ll see just how simple and ‘doable’ creating, marketing and delivering your knowledge can be – when you have someone (who’s been there) to show you. And I show you how, precisely ……

  • How to cleverly extract your knowledge and expertise which you’ll realise you have as you design your course
  • How to then use this knowledge to create a training programme that works, using my tried and tested formula.
  • How to then follow my examples to market your courses without breaking the bank.
  • How to use social media to become the ‘go to’ person and create your niche
  • Attract new potential clients by creating a marketing funnel

Your blueprint of all of this can be ready to go in 2 days – yes, just 2 days.   The complete map to creating and profiting from your own training programmes.

The whole system will all be laid out in a simple step-by-step manner. Just fully participate and plug in during the 2 days, hold on tight, follow the process I show you and create your own profitable training courses.  You only need to have one booking to recoup your investment in this training!

This is what’s covered in my Train the Trainer masterclasses:

Module 1

  1. Complete a firm outline of your own course using my formula
  2. Create engaging and compelling learning resources based on your own topic
  3. Package up your presentation and course materials

By the end of day 1 you will be almost ready to go!

[NB, knowledge of Microsoft Word and Powerpoint is assumed as training is not given on these]

At the end of Day 1 you can carry on working during the evening after the prescribed part of the day is complete, so that you can create, tweak and mould your course into the successful product I know it will be.

Module 2

  1. Create your marketing pillars
  2. Opt in to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – mini-coaching is provided to maximise these
  3. Set up Mailchimp for email marketing
  4. Learn about creating freebies to gain email opt-in

By the end of day 2 you will have at least 4 marketing pillars ready to go!

[NB, basic knowledge of social media is assumed as this is not a beginner’s session.  If you have no social media experience, I can provide this beginner’s training before the programme.]

Module 3 (optional)

Bonus day – how to get your courses accredited

  1. Writing assessment materials
  2. Valid and reliable learning outcomes
  3. Gain knowledge of ‘the process’

What you’ll need to bring to the training course

Get yourself a brand new hard-back notebook. I recommend this because you can use it for notes from the training, and add all your ideas to it, keep it in all in one place. I always do this when I start a new project because it motivates me and I’ll keep all my inspirational thoughts together, and refer to it time and time again.

You’ll also need to bring your laptop because we’ll be taking action during the training.  You can use my printers, card, paper, laminator and all other creative materials to get your course materials in top shape and ready to go.

Now is the time to get your authentic message out to 1000s of people and you can rightfully make some serious and sustainable money doing so.

Here’s what people say about my training events:

“Excellent training! Made the session so interesting with lots of participatory activities” Boston College

“A fantastic mix of listening and interacting.”  Waltham Forest College

“This training was very useful. It was completely relevant  to the work we do!” College of NE London

“Brilliant practical advice of exactly what to do to help behaviour, and resources to back it up.  Great presenter, knowledgeable and engaging.”   Greenwich Community College

“Hilary’s materials and resources were excellent and her teaching method was calm, supportive and very constructive.  Enjoyed it immensely.”  Coleg Llandrillo

“Thanks so much Hilary, we learned a ton!”  Seoul Foreign School, South Korea

Your investment

For the two mandatory days of training, the cost per person is only £1,100 plus VAT. This includes two full days of training, all learning materials, creation of resources to use again and again, access to my catalogue of training materials (to use as a guide and/or replicate the formula), as well as

  • Two full days of training
  • All learning materials
  • Creation of resources to use again and again
  • Access to my catalogue of training materials (to use as a guide and/or replicate the formula)
  • Complete templates as a blueprint
  • Refreshments and lunch on both days
  • follow up support from me if required

You’d only need to make 1 booking to get your money back!

So if you’ve made the decision to get on with your life and move into the training arena, this is your complete launch pad.

Get in touch if you’d like to be considered, I need to know that you’ll be the right ‘fit’ for the training on offer.

Call me on 01737 321170 or email