The First 42 Days (and beyond)

Do you need to improve your attendance and retention?

It can be a tricky period, that first six weeks after the enthusiastic enrolment and induction of your new students to college.

The stakes are high – students will be moving between courses if they’ve changed their mind, you want to impress the importance of attendance, and you need to retain the quota for funding purposes.  After the first 42 days you’ll need to work hard to keep your students right through until next June.

This can be highly stressful for both students and staff alike.  The last thing you need is to have to ‘think on your feet’ while chaos is all around and that’s what this training will help you with.  Check through the course outline

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training, and will definitely be using these strategies”
College of Haringey, Enfield and NE London

You no doubt have structures and policies in place for setting behaviour boundaries and standards, but does it include how to systematically create routines and pro-actively build relationships?

Here is essential half day training which will provide classroom-based staff with tips, techniques and ideas to set and maintain classroom ground rules. The training will demonstrate how to improve attendance and retention, through positive and solution-finding behavioural management approaches and engagement strategies.

You could have two sessions within one staff development day, meaning up to 60 people could benefit from this training in the full day.

Designed for the August/September ‘new start’ period and created with you in mind.  Here’s a reminder of the course outline.

To book your date, contact the office on 01737 321179 or email over to to discuss what you need.

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