Making Maths Fun

This programme is designed around the concept that learning should be fun, interactive and practical.

You need props and equipment to enable this, because maths is not a dry paper based subject.

In this session we will provide a strong message on the importance of holding maths qualifications, whether at GCSE or Functional Skills level, relating them to real life situations and a personal relevance to the future employability of the individual.

In this session you’ll learn how to

  • Give appropriate time and support to individuals
  • Practise challenging topics, in and out of the classroom (on phone apps, tablets, computers)
  • Provide clear and varied assessment in a variety of ways, so learners feel prepared for exams
  • Show learners that their work is valued and effort is rewarded and acknowledged
  • Listen to learners’ needs and tailor support and learning accordingly

This three hour session will demonstrate practical ways to deliver maths (including Socrative, Tarsia, games and cards such as Top Trumps, mental maths etc.) alongside flexible and different delivery methods. This could include phones and computer games to engage learners. We want learners to get a real feel for what is possible beyond the awful ‘let’s do a practice paper’ or just revising what they did at school.

This is a half day training programme for up to 30 people, running across 3 hours.

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