Techniques for a Calmer Classroom – Teachers

A half-day behaviour management course, suitable for teaching staff, curriculum leaders, course leaders, tutors and personal tutors.  This session runs over 2½ or 3 hours and is an ideal programme to run twice in one day at any staff training event.

Sometimes behaviour gets in the way of learning and creates an unwelcome and stressful class environment. Student absences follow and success rates fall. Simple and proven strategies, used regularly, can make significant improvements.

In this session we’ll look at the causes and triggers of poor behaviour with low engagement, and provide techniques to overcome these.

> Use emotional intelligence with your students
> Recognise the difference between behaviour you dislike and behaviour which stops learning
> Use pedagogy to increase your classroom management
> Use known classroom strategies to make adjustment for students with ADHD and other BESD

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Maximum 30 attendees per session

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