Supporting autistic learners

In education we want success for all of our students, and for ourselves. That means you’ll need to know how to better support any autistic learners in your classroom.
This session will reveal some of the reasons behind the behaviours associated with Autism and methods to make reasonable adjustment for these.
Come away with reassuringly uncomplicated strategies!
Here’s what’s covered:
  • Understand the key aspects of the Autism spectrum
  • Be able to recognise a range of behaviours and characteristics which are possible within the Autism spectrum
  • Recognise the reliance on routines and know things that might help
  • Know ways to promote learning and remove barriers to learning in an educational setting
  • Know the reasonable adjustments which could be made to support the autistic person
This half-day programme will help you to come away with reassuringly uncomplicated strategies which in turn will enable you to engage more easily and get the best from your students.


We also provide accredited Autism training via OCN London, at Level 2 and Level 3.

Maximum attendees 25

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