Getting off to a Good Start with your students

This essential training will provide teaching staff with tips, techniques and ideas to set and maintain classroom ground rules, routines and relationships, which will bring about a calmer classroom throughout the year.

Look no further for an ideal session to bring fresh motivation at the beginning of a new term or a new academic year for both staff and students.

"Best course I've been on for behaviour.  Very simply explained but useful strategies.  More like this please!”

You could consider booking this training for three 'nibble-sized' 1½ hour sessions in one day, or two sessions in 2½ hour slots.   We also have a session for LSA and other support staff.  It's an ideal programme to squeeze into your busy day.  Useful for departments or across the whole school or college.

Here's what's covered:

  • Set rules and routines and learn ways to stick to them
  • Use positive and solution-finding approaches to classroom management
  • Speak assertively without coming across as aggressive
  • Improve student motivation and engagement using behavioural and pedagogical strategies

Training by Hilary Nunns

To BOOK>>> Call us on 07763942771 or email

Maximum 25 attendees per session

Just contact us on 01737 321179 to let us know what you need.