Improving Transition to College

I was privileged to be part of an LSC-funded programme a few years ago (via Action for Inclusion) to improve transition to college for young people in alternative education such as Pupil Referral Units, medical settings or other special schools. Young people who are unused to a mainstream classroom can very often drop out of college by the first half term.

Part of the project was to involve those youngsters who were making the transition.  Rather than giving them some standard college information, with the co-operation of colleges in the County, we asked them what they wanted to know and the colleges answered their questions.  It is essential to remember that these young people were at risk of becoming NEET and their questions were prudent.

The results were summarised in a short booklet which was handed out to subsequent year 10 and year 11 students from 6 colleges in the region.

The first 5 questions are attached here Summary Q&A – first 5 questions