Welcome to the Female Freelance Trainers Association

Are you a former teacher looking to get into training?

Or maybe you're already a freelance trainer and you'd like to grow your client base and sales?

If you want to run your own training programmes but feel unsure, stuck in mediocrity and nervous of failure.......

.... this is for you!

*** Mentoring for Success

Have you considered setting up a training consultancy but you’ve not yet had the courage to go for it?

I know, you’re still waiting for ‘the right time’, yes?

Maybe you get anxious that you won’t get any customers?  Or worse still, that they won’t enjoy your sessions?

Perhaps you wonder if you will EVER realise your dream….. especially if your confidence is low and you have no experience of running a small business.

I’ve been exactly where you are.  I think a lot of people think this way, but that’s just the fear of the unknown, and worrying about not being good enough.

But what if I told you that you can have my step by step support to set up your courses AND help to find your clients?

If you’re working full time but you need to sort out the next phase of your life, you can plan this mentoring into your daily schedule in small chunks – and never look back.

Or if you’re feeling stagnant in your progress and want to re-ignite your business with renewed motivation and energy, you’re in the right place.

Work with ME PERSONALLY across 6 weeks where I work with you to fill the spaces on your own training courses and programmes of study.

I’m Hilary Nunns, and I started my training business in 2010, and with one small contract quickly under my belt, I was determined to make a difference and support my family.  And here I am with:

Online programmes produced and selling


Dozens of training titles which I run consistently throughout the year

Several accredited home study programmes produced and selling

Training topics created and delivered face-to-face UK-wide and internationally


And I could go on and on…… I’ve received ££ thousands by sharing what I know, and you could too.  Is this for you?




Then here’s exactly the programme you need, because in it I’ll tell you how to begin creating and filling your training courses.

A picture doing what I love most - training in person

Join my Freelance Trainers: Mentoring for Success programme

You’ll have direct contact with me 1-to-1 as your mentor and coach, to get you fired up, inject energy into your actions, answer your questions, look over your materials, and be your business buddy so that you won’t feel you’re building this momentum alone.


If you’re up for making some serious life changes by crafting your own profitable training programmes, this is where you can discover just how you can do it.

This superb 6 week programme is my BRAND NEW one-on-one mentoring programme.

The training and mentoring provides detailed and practical ways to learn a lot of fundamental points, including how to develop multiple courses and ways to create powerful and engaging training resources to keep each session fun and relevant.

You’ll obviously need a time commitment, but you can still work your usual job while learning what you need to know, and taking action.

In this mentoring programme I’ll also help you with many marketing strategies and explain how to use a variety of ways to get your message ‘out there’.


Even if you’ve been in business as a trainer or a coach for a while, this is a great motivator and will help you to get to the next level in your business.


Everyone should be upgrading their skills on a regular basis and this programme will definitely give you new direction.


How does it work?

It’s like a complete course kit – I’ll use 6 x weekly individual sessions with you for 60 minutes each, plus group sessions, to show you how to go from content creation to marketing and selling in those 6 weeks.
The magic ingredient is YOU – with a sprinkle of the fire in your belly and a liberal scattering of your content ideas, we’ll sky-rocket your success with this Mentoring for Success programme.  The actions you take will be the deciding factor on the results you get.

The doors open on Thursday 16 June with an introductory call to kick off the programme, and further dates/times will be suited to meet our respective calendars.


This is a unique side-by-side programme, where you’ll receive my one on one guidance, and tap into my skills and knowledge across the weeks, so that I can help you to get the best outcomes.



 Well it goes without saying that I have limited space for this offer – and won’t be doing this again in this format – so if you want to gain this unique and powerful experience with me, you need to be quick.

Your investment for this unique Mentoring for Success programme is only £397

Join and pay before 5pm on Wednesday 15 June 2022, and you’ll receive personalised mentoring from me for 6 weeks.

Here’s what’s covered:


I’ll show you how I do what I do and how you can apply it to your own business – a complete blueprint for your new business, or a REVAMP of your existing business.


  • Create new, or overhaul your existing training courses using my proven method

  • Prepare extraordinary online and offline programmes

  • Explore and implement strategies to gain clients who want to buy from you again and again


By the end of the six weeks you will have your training course live, ready to enrol your first clients, and have everything you need to replicate this again and again.


In fact you’ll easily recoup your investment in this programme from your first paying clients!


Business Behind the Scenes

And if all this isn’t exciting enough, there is also this add-on BONUS content (online) for you to access at ANY TIME when you’ve completed the Mentoring for Success programme.   


  • How to pitch your pricing for affordability for your clients, and profitability for you!

  • Marketing templates

  • Access to my content creation training

  • How to create policies which protect you and your clients from cancellations etc

  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of fixed date training

***  All this for only £397  ***

But only for a limited time when the doors open on 16 June 2022


  • You don’t want to grow your freelance training opportunities

  • You aren’t prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to get results

  • You don’t feel able to commit to the extra work that this programme will ask of you

  • You don’t need to make any new sales or take on any more clients

But if you want to:

  • Be clear about who should attend your courses (who needs your help?)

  • Identify the promise that your training will deliver (clear outcomes)

  • Craft engaging learning resources and content

  • Know how to make multiple products that sell

  • Gain new leads on a regular basis

  • Create persuasive and marketing letters

….. then this is FOR YOU




Usually I charge £95 per 1-to-1 60 minute mentoring call, and you’ll be receiving SIX of these 1-to-1 meetings with me, completely tailored to your business and courses.

That’s usually £570 for 6 sessions, saving you a whopping £173 just on those mentor calls.


Content creation

I’ll run two content creation sessions which will be recorded and available to watch on repeat when you need inspiration.   Attendance at my live content creation sessions is usually £95 per person.


Business behind the scenes

You’ll receive my Business BTS course, which provides invaluable content all around your best biz practice including marketing templates, policies etc.


This pre-recorded training teaches you a quantity of professional etiquette and outlines some mandatory paperwork which you’ll need to embed.


Buying this training from me is usually £77, but I’m adding this on too! 

WOW!  This remarkable 6-week, deep dive mentoring programme is only £397 when you book your place before the doors open on Thursday 16 June.


What’s the catch?

Well, there’s always a catch, right?  In this case, the catch is that I can only take 5 people onto this programme, and that’s because the time I need to commit to you will be high.


But just think of the value this could bring to your own business!

Remember! You can quickly recoup your investment in this training – and more! – after your first training session.  Plus, your access to the materials and videos will  be there with you all the way to reinforce the process and give you plenty of guidance during your new adventures.


You can pay by instalments via the PayPal instalment plan, meaning you can pay £132.33 each month for three months.  


Check the details!

If you have any questions, please get in touch via Hilary4FTA@Outlook.com