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Training Quick Start Plan

(from the Freelance Trainers Association)

I love the New Year, it’s an opportunity to re-group, reflect on things that went well (and of course things that didn’t go well…..) and somehow that gives me the energy to do what needs to be done!

Obviously it helps that there’s usually a lovely break from the routine, spending time with family and friends, but I think we can all benefit from giving some time to ourselves to figure out what we want to achieve in the new year.

So in 2019 I’m stepping it up a bit, because the time is right. I’m launching my second business to complement Can Do Courses: The Freelance Trainers Association. To get things going, I’m running a Training Quick Start Plan which starts on Saturday 12 January 2019, with a live webinar to start goal-setting and get you started with your course creation.

In 2018 I finished writing my handy book “How I set up a business in 5 chapters” and many people (who downloaded the book to their Kindle or purchased a paperback), got in touch to say how inspired they were and asked for more business coaching!

That got me thinking – and acting – and here’s the result. Get more in-depth, customised and critical support by getting involved. Why wait?

So if you’re one of those people who are contemplating becoming freelance (or you are already freelance but need some oomph to drive you forward), this new opportunity is DEFINITELY for you.

What is it?

My Training Quick Start Plan is an initial 10 week programme where I will share with you the colossal number of lessons I’ve learned from running my own training consultancy for NINE years, and how my expertise can work wonders for you, too.

During the Training Quick Start Plan, you will learn everything you need to know to launch your freelance training career, or grow your existing freelance business, and help you to gain more paying customers.

You will learn:

  • How to modify my master training resources to your own content and style – including guidelines on creating meaningful activities to embed the learning and provide joy to your participants (who will want to buy from you again and again)
  • Ways to get your course proposals in front of your future customers – with ideas for those of you on a limited budget and those with a larger budget to spend
  • How to create your own business processes using my step by step approaches
  • How to hone and adapt your sales efforts using a variety of my own successful sales letters and emails, and develop them to fit your own clients in a proven format
  • What to do to build a unique social media profile (including starting a blog)

During this Training Quick Start Plan you’ll receive a generous toolkit of resources and templates, and direct contact with me over a series of live webinars/calls and workbooks as the essential main programme.

In addition to this main programme I’m adding extra bonuses for you, they will be extremely valuable for your mindset and output, and will give you powers to take giant leaps in your freelance training business.


I’ll help you to use my know-how to review your first 3 sales and marketing materials, whether by physical letter or email. I’ll also provide you with suggestions on how you can make improvements to each of them for the greatest impression.

Value £150 each (but potentially £000s in new income)


You’ll learn ways to ways to manage your work output to maximum capacity without burning out. Tune in to regular motivational podcasts to keep you inspired at whatever time of the day suits you.

You’ll also receive personal development worksheets and goalsetting tasks – it’s like having a personal business coach

Value: £150


To round things off nicely, I’ll include an initial 30 minute strategy call with me. During this call you’ll need to let me know more about yourself and your ambitions, and we can work out the best approach for a super-successful start to the year.

This call will be of a high impact for you as we’ll set out some goals to guide you, which will also prevent you from running into blind allies where your true value may be lost.

Value: £200

Going forward during the Training Quick Start Plan, we’ll be working together across that 10 week period. You’ll also receive support from an online community group to share and encourage you towards your goals when the going gets tough (as it sometimes does!).

I’m the first to admit that it hasn’t all been rosy in business for me, but I’ve been through the tough times with some grit and resilience, and I’ve learned how to refresh and revive.

Why do you need this Training Quick Start Plan

Of course you could just take a leap of faith or, (as I put it) “jump off the edge” and see what happens.  I know lots of people who’ve done that, and I can be counted among them.  But it did take me time – and many errors – before I got into my stride because I was trying everything without knowing if it would work or not.

I spent too much time thinking of the next new thing and not enough about the daily disciplines of generating repeat business, making my courses irresistible for attendees and getting my happy customers to spread the word.

But obviously if you’re not ready to leave your job and want to get ready for your own big launch, that’s entirely your option. That’s why I’m creating live webinars on Saturdays and in the evenings, so that you can pick it up when you need it.

Think of this Training Quick Start Plan as a complete handover of expertise. I’ll teach you what to do to build your profile, create your unique training materials, gain the attention of your customers and start getting paid for your courses.

What’s the investment?

Unbelievably, joining my Training Quick Start Plan™ is ONLY £500. That includes everything –

  • The sales and marketing templates
  • The course resources templates and guidance
  • The marketing expertise whether on or off social media
  • Motivational and

It also includes the BONUS items (which I’ve calculated to be £500), so you not only get the whole of the 10 week Training Quick Start Plan, you also get £500 worth of bonuses. Incredible!

When I first started out, my first small training contract was quite quickly achieved but in my haste to grow my client base and expand my course offer I was easily diverted by all the new ideas available and wasn’t highly focused. I tried creating my training courses and marketing them from a place of clumsy inexperience, and it took almost all of my brain space to work out what was working and what was not. I must have lost £000s in that time! You can see how many courses we now run via Can Do Courses here on this link.

So let me show you how to get a super-focus on your goals and guide you to the best ways to achieve them. During the last NINE YEARS that I’ve been running my own training business I’ve learned so much about critical phases of being a freelance trainer, and I’ve packaged LOADS of it into this 10 week plan.

Getting off to a good start is key, and that’s why I’ve created this Training Quick Start Plan.

If you’re still not sure, get in touch for more details of what we’ll be doing from 12 January 2019 and how you can get involved.

As soon as you sign up you’ll book your initial strategy call with me and we can get you on your way!