Freelance Trainers Business Accelerator

Here's how you can join me!

I’m so glad you’ve found this page, with details of how to book yourself onto the August 2022 Freelance Trainers Business Accelerator programmes.
The Business Accelerator is a suite of business-related training workshops, hosted live and online (on Zoom), with a 90 minute duration for each.
You’ll see that these live workshops will cover aspects of marketing, getting new business, creating content and re-working to re-sell, quick money making ideas and money blocks which can also cause issues finances. 
Here’s how it works:
  • You can book onto one or more of the scheduled topics – there’s no requirement to attend them all – it’s like a PICK AND MIX
  • Choose the subjects which most resonate with you, and enrol yourself!
  • Dates/times are selected as early evening or Saturday mornings, depending on the course
Workshop 1 – Creating new course programmes
Whether you’re new to business, or more established, in this workshop I’ll teach you how I implemented many courses into my training offer and how I got them ‘out there’ to sell.  I prefer in-person training, but have applied all of these to online programmes, too.  Here’s what’s covered:
  • The benefits of running short-courses which convert to bigger courses
  • Effective ways to structure the content (start – middle – end)
  • How to gain traction to sell more spaces or online courses – and how I used Wowcher and Groupon to help with this
  • How to get repeat business on your new titles (and your current titles!)
  • How I started with 4 titles in 2010 and now have 25+
NB My 8-step challenge (course creation) is your action plan to take away
Workshop 2 – Repurposing your current content
In this session I’ll give you the EXACT blueprint I used to convert a series of topics via a short-term membership into an evergreen programme which sells again and again.  This is what I’ll share with you, and you’ll be able to do it too:
  • My Six Pack story
  • Why my Six Pack can convert to an Expert Trio or a short-course when I need it to
  • How you can make your single course become 3 courses
  • The benefit of accreditation – how and why I decided to do this
Workshop 3 – Getting a quick income boost when you need it
There’s no denying that this is a VERY popular module when I work with freelance trainers in my mentor programme.  There are a multitude of ways that you can create a quick financial ‘fix’ and I’ll share all of these with you in the workshop.  Here’s what’s covered:
  • The do’s and don’ts of special offers
  • How I create focus and energy with my training clients to engage with my offers
  • The secret to the success of my best-selling approaches
  • How you can adapt everything to your own business (swipe and deploy!)
NB – you’ll receive my templates to adapt for your own useI
Workshop 4 – Money blocks and finance issues
I’m going to bare all in this training, I’ll tell you about the LAST EVER time that I was kind and patient with late payments, how I overcame the temporary shortfall in income as a newbie, and ways I keep on top of this now.  I’ll share with you exactly how I:
  • Set your charges – what to include and what to avoid!
  • Overcome your desire to be ‘cheap as chips’ or give huge discounts, and instead be realistic about your value
  • Pitch your pricing to include premium products
  • Get invoices paid on time
  • Avoid difficult money conversations with yourself, and recognise your self-imposed income ceiling
Enrolment is open, so get clicking and get booking!  When you’ve enrolled I’ll send you full details about how to access the training.
See you there!
Hilary x