What does half term mean to you?

Half term is a most welcome friend.  I find that usually I am nearing the end of my capacity to think straight and the ability of me and my children to spend quality time together.

If you’re a parent or a teacher (or both!) half term will bring about the same kinds of feelings in you.   For parents who have to work through half term, the initial emotion might be one of guilt because you once again have to place your children in either an expensive playscheme or with a childminder.  If your children are older though, you’ll probably be considering what they will be ‘getting up to’ while you’re at work.

I sometimes think it was easier when my teenagers were young because at least you could hand them over to someone who would keep an eye on them.  These days, if I need to work through school holidays (which I sometimes do), I try hard not to leave two very hen-pecked off-spring with long lists of dos and don’ts.  It can be very tough to leave them to it and ‘let go’ a bit.  But I’m getting better at it because they have proved themselves to be trustworthy.

The myth that teachers ‘get all the holidays’ at the same time as the children needs to be expounded.  Whilst it’s true that teachers do tend to get longer annual leave than office workers and other professionals, it makes up for long evenings of marking books and attending extra-curricular activities.  Additionally, it’s not true to suggest that teachers NEVER go to work in the holidays; there are admin weeks, training days, meetings for senior staff and curriculum planning.

So, getting back to my original point, what does half term mean to you?