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Some things are really troubling me, because of a couple of articles I’ve read recently.  It started with some data regarding the number of teachers leaving the profession, and recently an article in TES which said that a teacher had written in to say that as she “slumped on her computer she realised she couldn’t go on any more”.

That strikes a chord with me.  I’m a teacher and I know how difficult it is, the way I developed my teaching career was a long slow burn but I loved every minute of it.  The last several years were very full on.

What I know is that when I decided to leave and follow my path, I didn’t leave the education sector, I stayed with what I knew, the system that I love so much, and found a way to still engage with the ‘system’ to help to improve it.  I realised very quickly that it’s about training staff – to manage situations, to manage themselves – to look after the pupils and students that give them problems.

The point of my message is that so many people want to leave, and so many people who stay want to know how to do it better.

That’s why I got into training, so why don’t others try to get into training?  If you don’t want to leave the profession but dislike your job, find out how you can move on but stay within it.  Use the skills and the talent that you have, and the training and education which you’ve received, for others in the classroom.  It’s not for everybody, but if you have a specialism which is transferrable, get it heard.

In 2016 I ran a two-day programme around setting up your own training consultancy.  It was very rewarding to do but also quite time consuming both for me and for those attending.

So this year I’m setting up an online programme - which is completely versatile - for people who want to leave teaching but want to stay in the profession.

I’ll wager that many people have a course or a workshop that they’d like to put together, but are worried about how to get it ‘out there’.  If this is you, join in this training.

I can send you more details, give me a call on 01737 321179 or email me and I can give you more information (no obligation).

If you’re worried about stepping off the edge, DON’T!  You can find a way to still do what you love without leaving the profession.  I can show you how.

We’re going to be starting in early March, and I can’t wait to get going.

Get in touch. 01737 321179

PS  You can even download my A-Z of behaviour