Do we appear to have our heads in the sand about the impact of 2013 on our colleges?  Particularly FE.  Or is it just me??

What I mean to say is, some of our less enthusiastic learners will soon be populating our colleges. What measures are being put in place to help teaching and support staff to manage these reluctant learners?

I’m definitely a ‘cup half-full’ kind of person and I do believe that continuing on in education and training post 16 will be a fantastic opportunity for our school-leavers.  They will gain new work and life skills, not just for the job market as we have always known it; it’s also a great opportunity to shape up for the new uncertain world which we are all having to adjust to.

But we have to get it right.  We can’t afford to lose sight of the burgeoning cost of supporting non-workers.  Our future prosperity relies on this generation to grasp the reality of the need for entrepreneurs, those who might not do well in the academic sense but who are brilliant nonetheless.  We have to get some person-centred planning underway, not just curriculum planning.

Treating all learners the same and offering a limited FE curriculum is not an option.  I believe that many of the next generation will be business owners.  They may be forced to find their own niche due to their limited job prospects.  But how long does it take to crush the spirit of someone who knows about academic failure?  Can we teach “Entrepreneurialism” in a standard college?

College can be just as dogmatic as school and it won’t take long for the feelings of inferiority to wash over our 16+ learners when they are back in the classroom.  What we need is creative teaching which will fuel some enthusiastic learning.

What do you think?