Understanding Autism 29 March 2021


In this essential training session on 29 March 2021 Understanding Autism, we will reveal what super successful teachers and support staff are doing right now to help their students flourish, thrive and grow.

The learning points underline the significant difference which you can make in a practical way, with a sound analysis of Autism which makes this 3 hour session something that you simply can’t afford to miss, whatever subject you teach.

You’ll leave with a notepad full of ideas and you’ll be fired up to get straight back to your workplace and start implementing.

This session will reveal some of the reasons behind the behaviours associated with Autism and methods to make reasonable adjustment for these.  Come away with reassuringly uncomplicated strategies!

In this workshop, we will ensure that you

  • Understand the key aspects of the Autism spectrum

  • Are able to recognise a range of behaviours and characteristics which are possible within the Autism spectrum

  • Know when to recognise the reliance on routines and have knowledge of things that might help

  • Know ways to promote learning and remove barriers to learning in an educational setting

  • Know the reasonable adjustments which could be made to support the person with Autism

We’re covering many aspects of Autism across 3 hours.  The session is suitable for all teaching staff, classroom assistants, LSAs, TAs and will include a combination of directed learning, participative activities and Q&A sessions.

NB if you’d like us to run this session for you at your staff development days (or maybe one of  our other titles), just get in touch info@can-do-courses.co.uk