Success for Learners with Autism – 10 March 2022




Enrol here for our half day session “Success for Learners with Autism”. 
This is an “online and live” training programme on 10 March 2022 via Zoom.

This session will reveal some of the reasons behind the behaviours associated with Autism and methods to make reasonable adjustment for these.

Come away with reassuringly uncomplicated strategies!

  • Understand the key aspects of the Autism spectrum

  • Be able to recognise a range of behaviours and characteristics which are possible within the Autism spectrum

  • Recognise the reliance on routines and know things that might help

  • Know ways to promote learning and remove barriers to learning in an educational setting

  • Know the reasonable adjustments which could be made to support the person with Autism

The cost to attend this half day training is only £52.

How to Enrol
It’s easy to enrol. You pay here via the website (Add to Cart) or email to

By enrolling you have agreed to the conditions of enrolment – the small print.

How to pay
Payment in full must be received before the course date. Payment can be made by company or personal cheque (allow 2 weeks), Digital Banking, PayPal or Credit Card. Sorry, we don’t have an official instalment plan.

Small print – conditions of enrolment
Payment must be made before the start date. Refunds will not normally be given. By enrolling you agree to follow your tutor’s advice.

Copyright of the materials belongs to Can Do Courses and no part of the materials should be reproduced unless for your own use when working with students.

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy this course and look forward to meeting you.











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