Success for Learners with ADHD – 18 August 2021


Success for learners with ADHD
Wednesday 18 August 9am – 11am


Sometimes behaviour consistent with ADHD gets in the way of learning, and creates an unwelcome and stressful class environment. This is certainly true for many learners of all ages, who have ADHD.

There’s an incredible misunderstanding about this condition, which brings about some very negative feelings – especially in class.

But when you understand more about ADHD, and you approach the support with some simple and proven strategies, you will see a significant improvement.  And with each improvement you see, you’ll be spurred on to help and support even more.  This will then enable the learner to find it easier to flourish.

In this motivational session we’ll look at the causes and triggers of difficult classroom behaviour, work out what the outward signs of ADHD is trying to tell you, and provide a number of ways to implement preventative practices.

By the end of this session you will:


  • Have a greater understanding of ADHD
  • Know more about the impact of ADHD on learning
  • Know how to adapt learning resources
  • Have a number of strategies to help support behaviour management for learners with ADHD


We’ll provide you with many resources for you to take away and use as a reference point in the future, and many practical strategies.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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