Meeting the needs of learners with ADHD Level 3: Home Study


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Meeting needs of ADHD in the classroom Level 3

This hugely popular Level 3 qualification is available for you complete as a Home Study option

Sometimes the symptoms of ADHD get in the way of learning and this creates anxiety for everyone involved. It also adds to the substantial disadvantages experienced in later life by adults with ADHD.

This Level 3 Award covers some of the facts around ADHD, and gets to heart of the incredible misunderstanding which is experienced by many about this condition.

Covering this insightful course will ensure that you gain useful strategies to support the learning of students with ADHD, including behaviour, study skills and barriers to learning.

Sometimes behaviour associated with ADHD gets in the way of learning, and causes upset and disruption in class.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!  Some simple approaches, applied consistently, will make an enormously positive impact on your student’s learning, your calmer classroom, and your wellbeing as their teacher or supporter.

This fantastic Level 3 short course ADHD qualification is Ofqual approved and accredited by OCN London

Expert Writers and Tutors

This course has been compiled by experts in the field of ADHD (particularly how it relates in education).  They are eager to share the knowledge and experience which they have accumulated. The materials includes resources which can be used in a variety of settings. They can be adapted to suit the subjects you teach or the environment in which you work.

With a Home Study Course you can choose the speed at which you learn and at a time that suits you best. It means that you can upgrade your knowledge in a step by step process with some support from a tutor and with a recognised qualification at the end.

Your CV can reflect this additional qualification and your personal satisfaction will come from knowing that you’ve worked at your own pace and gained a lot of insight into ADHD in the meantime.

Learning Outcomes – four modules

**Know what ADHD means

**Understand the impact that ADHD has on a person

**Know how to modify the impact that ADHD has on learning

**Understand the key principles of positive behaviour management

This fully accredited training course is suitable for all teaching staff, classroom assistants, LSAs, TAs.

Here are the full learning objectives and assessment criteria

It’s easy to enrol, simply ‘Add to Cart’ then ‘View Cart’ and use the check out. We’ll send you all the details and enrolment forms, with all the training materials.

Enrolment on this course is only £175, and by completing this you can work towards a nationally recognised qualification at the same time as learning a heck of a lot about ADHD. It will make such a difference.


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