Developing Numeracy, Writing and Spelling (Dyscalculia) – 3 August 2021


Developing Numeracy, Writing and Spelling

Tuesday 3 August 9am – 11am

In this training session we’ll explain many of the outward signs of difficulties with numeracy, writing and spelling, and provide you with some reassuringly positive ways to help students to improve.

You’ll learn more about the indicators of Dyscalculia and relate them to students across Primary and Secondary age, and beyond!

You’ll learn a dozen or more practical approaches to support the improvement in the areas of numeracy, writing and spelling, and leave the training with an improved understanding of Dyscalculia and how it co-occurs with other learning problems such as Dyslexia.

In particular, the objectives are that by the end of the session you will:

  • Understand what Dyscalculia means
  • Recognise the barriers to learning in numeracy, writing and spelling
  • Gain strategies to support learning.

This 2 hour session will also include resources for you to take away and use as a reference point in the future.

ONLY £40 to enrol

When we’ve received your booking, we’ll send you a Zoom link and all course resources.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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