Classroom Behaviour Video Course


Behaviour Management online training

I’ll bet that there’s at least ONE student whose very name conjours up a bad day in your thoughts. In fact, I’ll wager your family and friends, not to mention the staffroom, know of this person.

Why? Because they stop you from enjoying your job. Without them even knowing, this person (or people) have so much influence over you JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR BEHAVIOUR that they are making you behave badly, too.

So how would you feel if you were able to untangle the behaviours you see, change your classroom dynamics for the better, and rein in your own behaviours and frustrations?

Work with me over a few video sessions in this classroom behaviour video course and learn about your own behaviour triggers. Then know how to manage behavioural standards to surpass your expectations.

Here’s what’s included in this four-part video classroom management course:

* Managing common classroom scenarios

* Verbal strategies

* Non-verbal behaviours

* Ways to encourage students to make the right choices

The programme includes tasks and extended activities to enhance your learning.

At only £36.00 to enrol, what’s not to like? Just “Add to Cart” and check out to get your unique access to this training.