Techniques for a Calmer Classroom – 11 February 2022



Our very popular half-day behaviour management course Techniques for a Calmer Classroom, is brought to you as a live, tutor-led online course.

Friday 11 Feb 9am – 12noon


In class, we know that sometimes behaviour gets in the way of learning and creates an unwelcome and stressful class environment. Student and pupils become disheartened, absences follow and success rates fall.

Through our significant hands-on experience, we’ve devised simple and proven strategies, which when used regularly, can make momentous improvements.

In this session we’ll look at the causes and triggers of behaviour which results in low engagement, and provide techniques to overcome these.

Here’s what’s covered:

*  How to use emotional intelligence with your students
*  Ways to recognise the difference between behaviour which you dislike as opposed to the behaviour which stops learning
*  How to use pedagogy to increase your classroom management
*  Learn about known classroom strategies to make adjustment for students with ADHD and other BESD

The session is suitable for all teaching staff, curriculum leaders, course leaders, tutors and personal tutors. We’re running this workshop over 3 hours and will include a combination of directed learning, participative activities and Q&A sessions.

Why should you attend this training?

#1 You’ll see how to strip away the causes of poor behaviour and remove them before they become a problem. The secret is to know what to do when you see patterns of behaviour for yourself. You’ll be able to transform your approaches which will give you a calmer classroom.

#2 You’ll see new and refreshing ideas on how to confidently gain the involvement of your students instead of just dealing out sanctions and the daily crowd control.

#3 You’ll feel more secure about the classroom dynamics because the learning will not be so overshadowed by behaviour issues, with the resultant better achievement and morale of your students.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the course.

NB if you’d like us to run this session for you at your staff development days (or maybe one of our other titles), just get in touch



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