Behaviour Management – 3-Pack



The Behaviour 3-Pack is fantastic.Not only is it a complete on-demand triple kit of learning resources, guided webinars and activities, it really give you a mindset switch to help others to succeed…

You’ll be equipped with access to all the resources and templates, to learn methods for a calmer classroom. Can you handle that?

I know it’s great, and previous subscribers know it’s great.

But you probably don’t know that it’s great… And how could you? You haven’t experienced it yet.

Enrol now via our Teachable platform, and you’ll be instantly able to

  • Read the materials
  • Watch the videos
  • Access the resources

Bundle 1 – An introduction to ADHD
We cover some of the most important aspects of the condition to raise your knowledge of reasonable adjustment in class, plus strategies to help with behaviour, and pedagogical approaches.

Bundle 2 – Success with Autism
This section will explain how the Amygdala affects behaviour, and pulls back the curtain on poor social skills, communication/misunderstandings, and how to get the best outcomes in class.

Bundle 3 – Common Classroom Complaints
Behaviour is always a popular subject…. we examine the issues commonly seen in class and around school or college. The webinar provides a multitude of ideas for positive behaviour management.

All this for only £24.

Here’s the link direct to the Teachable site, where this amazing set of trainings is hosted:

Behaviour Expert Academy | Can Do Courses (