Training video


A number of our training courses take shape in the form of a webinar or video.

Why is that?

From both anecdotal evidence and scientific research we know that, during training, information is more easily absorbed with dual coding. Put simply, dual coding means that your brain can store more information in more areas of your brain. (See this video for a great explanation).

“While traditional training tools such as lectures, documents, and PowerPoint presentations may appear to be effective at getting information across, comprehension tests show that much of that information is quickly forgotten. In contrast, video is a visually stimulating medium that boosts training content by upping viewer engagement and improving the learner’s ability to comprehend concepts and details and remember them longer...”


We also know that after a long day in the training room or classroom, watching a video can be less taxing. You may choose to watch whilst preparing dinner, or intentionally set time aside for a bite-sized watch, or simply find a quiet place to sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit and absorb the information.

The great thing about video training is if you are struggling to grasp a subject – or if the door bell goes - you can rewind a few minutes and get right back into the swing of your learning.

But don’t just take my word for it – have a look at our series of mini behaviour hacks, or start one of our video courses and see if you find it improves how you learn.