From a recent training day we highlighted some of the concerns of the participants, worked in groups to record the scenario, and each group offered strategies.

Here are the results:

What do I do when....

My learners are non-responsive?

  • Find out what their interests and hobbies are
  • Review the curriculum offer
  • Ask someone to come and observe the lesson to give you pointers
  • Check whether there are threats from other students (perhaps the student doesn’t feel safe)
  • Ensure differentiation is used in classroom activities
  • Ask them how they would like to adapt the activity

My students won’t remove their hoodies/hats in class?

  • Set ground rules and routines
  • Remind them of the rules
  • Find out what the hat/hoody symbolises to them (ie are they hiding?)
  • Find an accident clip on You Tube (health and safety)
  • Ensure teams of teachers have a consistent approach

The students talk over the teacher

  • Make a noise (bang a gong, sound box) to get their attention
  • Lower your voice
  • Use signals for quiet
  • Ask the student to share what they are saying with the rest of the class
  • Apologise to the rest of the class that they are being distracted from listening to the teacher
  • Sit the student near the teacher
  • Ask the student to ‘give back’ the time during break