Are Mid Teens an unhappy phase of life?

You are no doubt chasing students to finish off their coursework and preparing yourself for the new influx of students this coming September.  That probably includes juggling your timetables of Functional Skills classes.

Does under-achievement in Maths and English reduce confidence and self esteem?  I think so.  This, in turn, can lead to students being ever more disengaged in these subjects.  Last year, in September, a student of mine said (between her teeth) "I hate you".  I knew this couldn't be true because a) I'd never met her before, and b) I'm lovely!  So I had to conclude that it was Maths that she hated and, by definition, the Maths teacher.  But it goes deeper than that.

According to research undertaken by The Children's Society, (42,000 eight to 17-year-olds were surveyed), those aged 14 and 15 were found to have the lowest sense of wellbeing.   The study also mentions the 'toxic online culture' where teenagers cannot switch off from chat etc.  With more 14-16 year olds coming through our FE doors, maybe we should take notice.  Here's the whole article here, from CYPNow

A Maths puzzle site - useful for Functional Skills
Here are some ideas if you're running out of steam to get students in the zone: have fun with numbers, and make your lessons unmissable...  Here’s a lovely blog with puzzles to engage and entertain


In-house training: Putting the Fun Back into Functional Skills
It would be rude of me not to mention my training programme! 
Most training might include curriculum, theories of learning and mark schemes etc.  But this session takes a deeper look at the students, their issues, and gives teaching staff ideas to re-connect them to learning by injecting energy and activity-based learning into the subjects.  If you'd like to see the outline, use this link to the website.

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