I remember in 2008 when the redundancies in my college were just about to influence my job.  More specifically, my post was being reduced to a 0.5 unless I could evidence reasons for keeping it full time.

It wasn’t the fault of the senior team, nor was it that I wasn’t doing my job well.  Like many others in the FE sector, cuts to funding entailed streamlining the service.

But it meant that I was now in a state of frenzy – as a lone parent of two children (and a mortgage) it was impossible to consider a 0.5 role.  The feeling of insecurity was enormous, and I needed to fight like an alley-cat to maintain my position.

Luckily I was able to make a strong case, we adjusted my workload (and by that I mean I took on a monumental amount of additional responsibilities) and things seemed better.  But were they?

A few months later I was involved with a government-funded project which sponsored the college to release me one day per week to provide behavioural management training to other colleges in Surrey.

I enjoyed the interaction with others outside of my own college and felt like I was really making a difference.  Each Friday I would set off and spend the day in workshops with Teaching and Learning Coaches, teachers, LSAs, library staff.  It was incredible.

At the time, back at my own college, there were new whispers of redundancies and it meant a renewed wave of anxiety about my own place at the college.

And then the penny dropped.  This was what I wanted to do.  I wanted to work with lots of other schools and colleges.  The only way to do this was to leave and set up on my own. At least the insecurity and fretting would be of my own making, and not controlled by outside forces.  Determination and ambition took over.

I thought:if not now, when

The rest is history!

There are so many agonising stories just like mine and it chills me to the bone to know that due to constant restructures, redundancies etc others are also having these anxieties.

I wrote about this earlier "Some things are really troubling me".

That’s why I’m running an online programme sharing EVERY STEP that I took when I created my small consultancy.

It’s called “How to set up your training business in 8 weeks”.  It’s a fully flexible programme running over 8 weeks(!) which allows you to put your plan together in bite-sized chunks.

I’m launching this to start in March.  All the details are here

If not you, who