I’ve heard and read a lot of articles and viewpoints written by freelance trainers on collecting testimonials from your clients.

A couple of years ago I saw (on a social media platform) an individual having to defend themselves because they were promoting their services using a long list of written testimonials, which had been received from delighted customers.

The person was attempting to show that if you booked them for some training, they were going to provide good value, not just in terms of cost but also in relation to the potentially transformational content.  And they could prove it because they’d received such good feedback.

But in response to this person’s post, a number of others made comments that this person was “boasting”, “full of themselves” and other pejoratives.  A few other replies were given in defence of this person, stating that if they were to arrange any training for their teams, they would definitely look at the endorsements.

I felt rather sympathetic, having to justify their attempt to promote their services, and getting such a trolling as a result.  It seems to me that this is no different to Trip Advisor, another way of demonstrating to your future customers that it’s worth booking you.

I always provide an evaluation form at the end of training sessions, with a couple of tick boxes, but (more importantly) with places for the delegates to write comments.  This is the part that can drive any changes you need to make to your content, but also a way of capturing some wonderful feedback.  You can (and should!) use this information within your marketing, making the point that previous attendees have enjoyed your session, and that others will, too.

What do you think?