Five Days to Focus - a personal challenge

Approaching the new term?

When I was teaching full time, the new term or a new academic year would draw near and the self talk in my head used to say “I can’t just do the same, I need to make some changes…” but the overwhelm arrived all too soon and often I lost the opportunity to refocus from a place of rest after the break.

Whether you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ or you’re ready for the new term and want to get into the head space needed to land with your running shoes on, this is for you.


During the Five Days to Focus challenge we're covering a splendid array of topics in 5 sections (across 5 days!) including reflection and goal setting. It's ABSOLUTELY FREE to join in, so there's no reason not to!

Click on the large picture below and you'll be directed to the registration box.  Soon afterwards you'll begin to receive emails.

I promise to also let you have have access to a few top behavioural tips along the way.

Remember, it's FREE TO JOIN.

5 days to focus