Yesterday I shared a document I recently found which summarised points from a training session with college LSAs.   We were examining how our own behaviours can have a real impact on the behaviour in class.  In particular, we discussed how some of our own actions can actually create conflict or defuse conflict.  Those who believe that we all have the power to bring incidents from hot to cool are those who are most successful at it.   Gaining knowledge and skills are all part of securing that belief.

The activity, shared with me by a former colleague who had previously attended some behaviour training from Dave Vizard (, was contextualised for the classroom.

Summary points from the activity:   List 3 ways in which you could defuse conflict

  • By staying calm
  • By listening
  • Treating everyone as an individual with different abilities/needs
  • By not getting defensive or aggressive
  • By not raising your voice
  • Discuss issues in private
  • Appreciate the other opinion before making judgment
  • Use open body language
  • Give clear boundaries
  • Offer solutions
  • Don’t personalise
  • Be open minded
  • Turn the situation around by using positive words and behaviour

I’ve used the word ‘student’ and ‘learner’ here, but this list applies everywhere, whether in the classroom, in business, or at home!

Our training for LSAs Techniques for a Calmer Classroom for LSAs is essential for their development, particularly as they are often working with students at the front line.   If you’d like to know more then please contact us.