I recently came across a really interesting blog: Differentiation without extra handouts.  Sometimes we all find it time consuming to fill the gap before the end of the lesson for learners who have completed their work. 


I came across this site while researching learning activities, and found it so simple to follow the tips I thought I'd share.


The blog is by Joanne Miles (Consulting)  http://joannemilesconsulting.wordpress.com/ and it's really worth a visit as she has some great ideas.


But back to my original point.  Here's a section from an entry in August 2012 entitled "Differentiation without extra handouts: Tips for stretching and challenging learners". 

When you plan your lesson, think up two or three meaty questions that consolidate the learning from different stages of the lesson.  Note them on your lesson plan or on slips of paper to give to students who finish activities early, or who need additional challenge.

If computers are in the classroom, note down on your plan a relevant website and a pertinent research or review question for early finishers to investigate.

Ask students to come up with 4 questions that they will want answered in the next topic or module, having shown them a content outline.
If you have other ideas, please leave a comment below.