An article in Guardian Education about recent changes to Ofsted's framework struck a chord, stating that "…..the word "wellbeing", which ran like a river through the previous Ofsted framework, has disappeared".

Although  I don't believe that Ofsted has consigned children's happiness to the bin, it's impossible to escape the fact that observations and grading are moving further away from the 'experience' and ever more towards the 'results'.

Some pupils and students will never be able to show how much they know when they are tested in controlled conditions.  Exams are not always the way to measure success, which is why vocational learning suits so many young people whose behaviour has lost them a place in education.  For those, the learning 'experience' has been stressful and intolerable and has left them feeling angry and resentful that they can't be like 'normal' learners.


Let's hope it doesn't get any worse than it is.  Every Child Matters.