Recently I worked with an inspiring group of teachers who operate an 'alternative provision', (which to me is a code for 'challenging behaviour').

True, they have small class sizes and tolerance levels we can only dream of having within the typical mainstream classroom.

But what they also have is the ability to quickly offer the chance for their students to make the right choice.

For example: disrupting others
"I need you to get on with your work, or you'll need to move.  It's your choice"

Being loud in a quiet area
"You'll need to keep the noise down or move to the canteen - it's your choice"

There's usually a choice in many situations, but if you struggle with this when it's not negotiable (ie starting work), try something like

"We need to help you start this work, I can either do this with you now or in two minutes"

I hope you can use this.  It's powerful.


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