Setting your classroom boundaries

classroom boundaries

In your classroom, how do you get your students to ABIDE BY THE RULES?  It’s no secret that the beginning of the year is a critical and necessary time to put in place an agreement over the rules and routines. Never has it been so important to remember how getting a good classroom climate brings […]

Punctuality in class

Punctuality in class

Behaviour in class – managing lateness Teaching in the Further Education (16+) arena often means adapting some management of behaviour  in class to be more ‘equal’ (ie adult to adult). So as a newbie teacher some decades ago, when it was recommended to me that I stand at the door to greet my students I […]

How to appear more assertive

How to be more assertive

Recognising how to be more Assertive There are many ways to become more assertive, here are a couple of thoughts you might want to consider trying: Don’t allow others to control you with their requests Be ready for, and anticipate, the behaviour of others and prepare your responses.   Give yourself some thinking time.  Perhaps […]

B is for Behaviour

B is for Behaviour

If you ask pupils in school, the word ‘behaviour’ is usually associated with detentions, names on the board, being sent to the Head of Year, meetings with parents, being on report, sending to the inclusion ‘unit’ and possibly permanent exclusion.  I’m not criticising the process, I’m just giving a simple example of one way of interpreting […]

Did Shakespeare first notice ADHD?

Is ADHD a 21st Century phenomenon? A lot of people I meet ask me why ADHD wasn’t around when they were at school.  My answer to that is that it WAS around, it’s just that probably it wasn’t in our ‘non-inclusive’ classrooms. Shakespeare The first reference to ADHD could be in 1613, in Shakespeare’s play Henry VIII, […]