Behaviour Management online

In just a few hours spent online via webinar lectures, you’ll learn tactics to run rings around the negative feelings about student behaviour. We can’t just focus on behaviour that we don’t like, it’s about behaviour that stops learning.

This fantastic Behaviour Expert Academy Six Pack provides you with a wide overview of many behaviours, with strategies to manage behaviour in class and keep a positive relationship with your students.

At only £55, this online training is an absolute MUST HAVE, and you will have unlimited access to all the materials.

The focus is on prevention and positivity, and a chance to reflect on your own practice.  Each module has been prepared to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience, guided learning being provided with webinars.

Let me tell you what this programme is not:   It’s not ‘fairy dust’ to fulfil your wildest dreams of a class full of students who cause you no behaviour problems.  It’s not phoney promises that it will all be fixed quickly and easily. 

“I’m an LSA and yesterday our management team released your wonderful online resources to LSAs who wish to further their own knowledge/CPD.  Fantastic!”

Happy LSA, Swindon

The Behaviour Expert Academy is broken into six modules and provides you with a vault of knowledge which will focus on:

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By having unlimited access to these materials, it means you will:

You can get amazing results with your behaviour management – but you do need to know how.  These training resources will give you that.

Devote some of your time to work through the sections and watch the training webinars.

Everything that we discuss will be of great use in the classroom, but obviously it won’t work unless you put it into practice!