Behaviour management


Behaviour Management? In her book Getting the Buggers to Behave , Sue Cowley (  talks about many aspects leading to student misbehaviour.  She describes the ‘Cardinal Sins’, unintentionally shown towards students, by some teachers.  Possibly ALL teachers at some time or another (after all, you’re only human) .....


  • Winding them up
  • Being vague or uncertain
  • Being rude
  • Overreacting
  • Being confrontational
  • Being bad tempered
  • Being negative
  • Being boring


It’s easy to say that the golden rule is to be consistent, but there are days when the behaviour of your students might be getting the better of you, and you fall into the trap of behaving in a way which is incongruent with the behaviour you’d like to see.


This is especially true of life in secondary school and FE, where students will test you while they travel the bumpy terrain from youth to adult.


But if you recognise any of the above behaviour management ‘sins’ in your own approaches, (perhaps you’re a nagger, or get wound up very easily) try this online Emotional Intelligence quiz.

We cover Emotional Intelligence  in much more detail in the Behaviour  Expert Six Pack, where you can learn ways to become more in control of these behaviours.