Do you behave like the North Wind?

Working with young people in education can be so rewarding.  There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of knowing that your students are engaged and learning.  But I know, only too well, the feeling when things aren’t going well and you ricochet your way to the end of the lesson.  Perhaps your emotions feel raw and you wish things were different.

I’m reminded of the story I was told as a little girl, while sitting on the carpet in the corner of the classroom at reading time.  It was all about the North Wind, how he was fierce, angry and competitive, and he showed it.  He displayed his anger particularly towards The Sun, as he was very jealous of The Sun’s popularity. 

One day the North Wind saw a man walking across the fields wearing a large coat, and he roared at The Sun “I’ll get that man’s coat off his back before you do”.    The North Wind blew, blustered, whistled and raged.  But the man just pulled his coat tighter and tighter.

Then came the turn of The Sun.  It shone brightly and calmly, and was unruffled by the behaviour of the North Wind.  The Sun enveloped the man in a warm glow, which brought happy feelings.  The man unbuttoned his coat and after a short time he took if off completely.

At times this story can be very relevant to your approaches with some of the students who show angry behaviour and resolutely refuse to conform.   I know that you will want to have better relationships with your students, so I recommend the sunshine approach where possible - consistent and warm - even when things are getting tough.