Almost every day I read or hear of upset, stress and unhappiness amongst teachers and support staff.  They work in EVERY part of the education sector, so it isn't a reflection on any particular age group of learners.

It saddens me to know that these hard-working educators are stifling their creativity and (probably) not reaching the high levels of enjoyment in their career which they deserve.

Over the weekend I read an article in the TES  and which was uploaded to Facebook with many comments.  If that doesn't resonate with you, nothing will.

Last year, after discussion with a number of people who wanted to explore what life would be like post-teaching, many explained to me that they would like to know more about replicating my own training business.  In other words, become an independent freelance trainer.

So I ran a quick challenge over 8 days - "Concept to Course" - which was designed to focus the mind to see which courses could be put together, and how to do it.  I recorded the daily session (which was followed via a Facebook group) and it's available for you to view.

If you're one of those teachers who'd gain some genuine motivation from this, then email me immediately for access.

It's free to join in.  So email me:

I wrote recently on this topic, because 2016 statistics revealed that 25% of teachers leave the profession within 3 years of joining.  But this doesn't reflect the long service of some of those who've been working with me lately.  In fact I'd go as far as to say that even those who've been teaching for around 10 years are ready to quit.

Give me a call on 01737 321179 or email me on to have access to the 8-step challenge "Concept to Course" to see if you could put together a usable course outline.  You never know where it might lead!