What are the secrets to behaviour management?

Well the answer to that depends who you speak to.  But I prefer prevention rather than cure, so here are 3 of mine:

#1  Avoid negative chatter

I manage to avoid the negative chatter in the staff room, because a) I'm not at college every day and b) I don't think it's productive.  I've seen the knowing looks exchanged between staff, with the rolled eyes and shakes of the head.  "Oh yes, I know him....." they might say "I've heard he's a nightmare."   Trial by staff isn't fair and can be quite damaging to your relationships with students.

Your opinions of students need to be yours, not those of your colleagues.   My remedy to this problem is to surround myself with positive people, I don't make comparisons, and it's changed my outlook considerably.

#2  Start strong

Start lessons on time and with an engager/activity - don't wait for late stragglers - and it will set the tone for the whole session.   If you need ideas, look at the resources section of my website.

#3  Stay cheerful!

When things go wrong (as they sometimes do), remember it may seem as though students are being deliberately awkward.   Stay in control: show your students that you don't take it personally.  Keep your class calm by staying upbeat and avoid:

- being rude, grumpy or sarcastic

- overreacting

- getting confrontational

What 3 tips do you have?