25% of teachers are leaving!

Last year, whilst speaking at several conferences, I met a large number of teachers who were just beginning their careers.   I loved their passion, ambition and positivity.

Those I met who have been working in the education system for a while were not quite so enamoured, and that includes Further Education.

In fact headline figures from the 2016 workforce census highlights a worrying trend that a quarter of teachers are leaving the profession within 3 years of joining it.  These statistics do not include FE lecturers, but I know it would show a similar story.

This means that there is a constant demand for new staff, trained teams, specialisms and an understanding of SEN in the mainstream classroom.

But worse than that, there are many highly trained educators looking for a new career!

A number of articles written in 2016 outlined teacher despair:

“I just want to do what I love without all the red tape and stress”

A survey conducted by UKEDChat was entitled: Workload and Bullying Main Reasons for Teachers Leaving the Profession

A commenter stated “The workload demands are crazy meaning there is no work/life balance – you just have no life. There were constant instances of ungrateful children and parents. I wanted to make a difference but I felt what I was doing was useless and it was making me ill.”

So if you’ve trained to be a teacher, and this is your calling, what happens when the bubble bursts and you look elsewhere to fulfil your passion?  What is the Plan B?