Freelance Trainers – keeping afloat with the finances

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments

When you’re starting out as a freelance trainer (or at any stage), it can be difficult to keep the cashflow in a reasonable state, particularly as you may take bookings for training courses which aren’t taking place until some time in the future.

The other difficulty may be your reluctance to talk about money/payment – if you’re much more used to getting a regular salary it can be quite a shock to be discussing fees and even harder to ask for it if it’s late!

So one of the decisions you might need to make is whether or not to charge a deposit when a booking is made.

In the early days of Can Do Courses,  probably for the first 2 years, I decided that I would request a deposit as soon as the booking was confirmed.  It definitely helped to guarantee the booking to some degree and I felt that it...