Positive Behaviour Management (a webinar)

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments

Behaviour in class is something that most teachers need to take charge of at some time or another.  Attending training for behaviour management is always an important part of the development of practical skills, but isn't always convenient during a busy working week.

We provide online behaviour management training in several formats (including this one which is hosted on Teachable), and one of our regular offers includes access to free webinars.

Here's one of our bite-sized (30 minutes) behaviour management webinars which you're invited to watch.

This 30 minute webinar covers the following common classroom behaviour 'complaints':

  • work avoidance (failing to start)
  • calling out
  • managing lateness
  • angry outbursts

Grab your headphones and pick up a few tips and strategies.  You can watch directly on You Tube if your system works better that way.

Behaviour Management