Training resources. Shall we or shan’t we?

Hilary 0 Comments

I’m not often irritated by other people’s opinions, but if they create a place or learning environment where their obscured beliefs are not 'inclusive', I must admit to feeling rather irked.

An example of this is where teachers or trainers exclaim proudly that they don’t (in their words) provide “death by powerpoint”.  Fair enough.  But by avoiding use of visual interpretation of the spoken word, they are excluding a good few attendees at their sessions.

Now, I’ve been to many a few CPD events where I can’t read what’s on the slides (because the font is too small) and the person just reads it out to me anyway.

This is unacceptable practice and of course is the death knell for anyone, let alone when you’re working with a room full of educators and support staff.

Which, I guess, is why some trainers avoid powerpoint altogether??

But if there isn't any copy, am I expected to remember what's been...